Subversion and

Tuesday, September 12 2006

I love subversion, the version control software. It seems crazy to me that only a little over a two years ago I didn’t really get it. I understand and used version control software before, but not something as clean and easy to use as subversion. I can’t imagine not using it for any development project now.

But I don’t like maintaining subversion repositories on web accessible servers. It’s not that it’s all that hard, but it’s just one more thing I have to worry about, one more step in my perfect stack.

I recently started using to host a lot of my personal projects, and even a few client projects. I have eight Rails application repos currently being hosted (some of them quite large) and I’m using a sum total of 430kb in space. For $6.95 a month, gives me 2GB of repo space (which I’ll likely never fill at my current pace) and provides a very usable interface to build repos and control user access. The interface doesn’t yet allow you to give anonymous checkout access (something I needed for one of my repos) but sending an email to the admins got an instant response.

If you have any subversion repositories at all, I highly recommend I find them worth every penny.


I totally forgot to mention one more killer feature. Hosted Trac, as well as a web interface to administering Trac. That alone is worth $6.95 a month, and you can associate an entire Trac instance for each svn repository, as well as control who else has admin rights to that instance.