Minority Report

Monday, August 14 2006

Remember the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise? He played a detective that would arrest people for murder who were innocent, but were declared guilty by some clairvoyant triplets floating in a pool of milk who could see the future. Scary sort of science fiction right? I mean, who knows if the milk pool floaters are really right (because you never can prove that someone would have done something, especially when you’ve locked them up) and I mean really, how can you eliminate people who are susceptible of becoming killers?

Even if you were innocent, it’d be pretty frightening to think that your government was trying to figure out how determine if you, Joe Citizen, were susceptible of becoming a killer, especially if your government makes mistakes.

I present you this:

“”">Clearly at the end of the day, we’ve got to eliminate that pool of people who are susceptible to becoming killers.</a>" —United States Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, when asked how to prevent terrorism while talking in the context of psychological profiling.