Saturday, August 05 2006

Last night over dinner at around 8:00pm, Rael and JDD and I were talking about earthquakes we’d experienced in our lives. All of us had either grown up or lived in California and felt our share of them, enough to produce rich and certainly exaggerated stories.

Ten minutes later Rael gets an SMS from Ev through twttr saying “Did you just feel that earthquake?”. The dinner party was rightly freaked out. Because part of me is prone to considering apocolyptic circumstances from the smallest seeds of an idea, I had thought during our earthquake conversation that it’d be crazy if, during our conversation, an earthquake hit the long overdue Southern California or SF area. It nearly had. At 8:08 a 4.4 quake hit Santa Rosa, just north of the bay.

Later on that night (or rather, very early this morning) as Rael and I were in the process of deploying a new version of, our building began to shake. We had indeed felt a 3.3 earthquake at 1:39am, just a few miles north of us.

The first things out of Rael’s mouth were “Is that a bloody earthquake?!”, “What do we do?” (to which I said “nothing man”), then “We are never allowed to talk about earthquakes again!”

Worth of note: Rael and I get some sort of ultimate geek badge. During the middle of a deployment an earthquake hit, and our concern was far more in favor of finishing the deployment than it was to duck and cover. !