A Camera for Katzeye

Saturday, May 20 2006

My mom has been a lifelong photographer. Photography is her passion. Over the course of several years she earned enough money to move over to a digital SLR. Since moving to digital her photos have been making it to the Internet in higher frequency. Saying they’re good is an understatement.

On her birthday, my mom lost her hard earned digital SLR and a few coveted lenses, including the photos from her birthday gift, a hot air balloon ride.

The camera meant everything to her.

Without your help, it will literally take years for my mom to earn the money to replace just her basics. She raised kids her entire life, and now makes just enough income to live humbly. Anything you can pitch in will be extremely helpful and I have no doubt her gratitude will be overwhelming.

All contributed money will be used to replace exactly what she lost. The goal of $2500 includes:

Nikon D50 digital SLR
Nikkor 60mm Macro Lens
Nikkor 80-200MM Telephoto
1GB Memory Card
Extra camera battery

Go here to contribute.