RailsConf 2006

Thursday, March 16 2006

I wasn’t going to mention this until it was posted on the official RailsConf site, but now that it’s leaked I figure I might as well confirm that I am indeed speaking at RailsConf in late June. I’m pretty excited about being able to speak at what will undoubtedly be the best Rails conference this year. The conference is already sold out (it took only a few days) so I won’t recommend you try to go. Let’s hope that for those who aren’t going there are podcasts available.

I’ll be speaking about which is exciting. It also makes me want to spend some time fixing some problems with the game before I get swamped with preperations for Canada on Rails. Incidentally, I’ll be giving a slightly short version of the RailsConf talk at Canada on Rails. If you’d have come to RailsConf just to see me, Canada on Rails still has slots open.