SXSW '06

Thursday, March 09 2006

I’m in Austin for my fourth SXSW and I’m fixin’ to have a rip roaring good time for the coming week. Every year I come home after having met even more good people than the last time and I end up a better person from the experience. The excitement is different than my first time which was a mix of apphrension and excitement. This time I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones and filling every evening with good food and conversation.

I have two events that I’m a part of, and if you’re here at SXSW I’d love to see you at both. First there’s my panel on Saturday afternoon, and then there’s the Ruby on Rails Happy Hour.

Also, the first rule about SXSW is to meet and greet. If you’re coming and you haven’t met me, please come up to me at any time and introduce yourself. If you’re feeling like a wallflower at the very least consider that most of the people here feel that way.