Saturday, February 18 2006

 Photos 2006 2 IjoyboardI’d love to give this thing a try, though I’d never spend $399 on it. When the simulation costs more than the actual experience (about $99 for a complete skateboard) something isn’t exactly right. And seriously, how can a piece of plastic that pivots on a base come any where near improving your “core balance and coordination skills”? My guess is a wobbly rock would do about the same.

If you’re wanting to gain balance skills that benefit you for board related activities, I’d suggest actually just riding a board. A plastic, motorized “board simulator” can’t begin to come close to the actual thing, and anything it teaches you won’t apply anyhow. And there’s no greater motivator than trying to avoid the pain of falling on your hind parts, and I’m guessing the non slip stationary base of the iJoy|board won’t deliver that any time soon.

I’ll be more than happy to give an honest review though if InterHealth is willing to ship one out. I’ve been wrong before.