Nokia 770

Monday, February 13 2006

03 770 Internet Tablet Lowres

I got excited when I saw this phone that runs Linux that could potentially run Ruby on Rails* until I realized it’s not a phone at all. It’s just a mini computer. The idea is sort of lost on me without there being a phone. I guess it’s a PDA, but seriously, why couldn’t they just give the thing the ability to be a traditional phone as well? I’d be totally happy using a Bluetooth headset and having a full software phone interface**.

  • It can already run Ruby and Webrick – I doubt it’d be difficult to get Rails to run at all. Why you’d run Rails on it would likely be more novelty than anything, as doesn’t exactly have the guts to be either a server or a development computer (though I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to pull off the latter if you were left with little else).

    • Technically you could do this, using a software Internet phone over a service like Vonage, but it would require a strong WiFi connection.
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