Housewares Named After Skaters

Thursday, January 05 2006

I like the products that furni has put together, though there’s something about naming each product after a professional skateboarder that doesn’t ride well with me (even though I try riding a skateboard weekly, and not just to get around but to get some thrashin’ in!) It’s sort of like naming all your company web servers after Greek and Roman mythological characters – it’s just too easy.

It’s interesting to note though that Jason Lee, the now famous actor, graces the solid beech/acrylic wall mounted face cloth holder and that Mike Vallely, once a, well, total asshole (but now turned nice guy) gets the solid beech/acrylic wall mounted toilet roll holder. Mark “gator” Rogowski, known for both his skateboarding skills and the fact that he’s now serving time for murdering his girlfriend has a clock named after him. Appropriately.

Andre was quick to remember that fürni was the name of the furniture company in the movie Fight Club.