Automator, Sweet Automator

Tuesday, August 09 2005

I finally found a reason to really like Apple’s new Automator program. When developing applications on a remote server I often need to work on files locally and then upload them to the development server. This kind of interaction can happen a lot as I make changes and test them, and in my current environment, I have to do it either through a secure VPN or over SSH.

Now, with Automator, I have a workflow that starts with Transmit synchronizing my files and then, when finished, loading my web application in Safari. I save the workflow as an application, and now, with Quicksilver, I simply execute a trigger for immediate file uploads complete with Safari opening as verification. It’s not instant, but a lot more agreeable then having to fire off all the commands separately with all the clicking and waiting.

The only thing wrong is that the “Display Webpages” action in Automator opens a new window, rather than load the site in an already open Safari window. Even with “Open links from other applications in the current window” setting in Safari, Automator still opens a new window.