Personal Cartoonist Needed

Tuesday, July 19 2005

I’m looking for a personal cartoonist. You have to work really cheaply, which might mean that I’ll select offshore candidates more readily than domestic personal cartoonists. Understanding English is preferred, but if you know too much English your chances of getting the position will be reduced.

Must be ready to produce an editorial style cartoon at any moment, and be able to upload it to me. A consistent style would be nice, but not required. If styles are going to vary at all, they must vary drastically. Black and white or full color is fine. Photo collages are fine, though I’ll probably reject them unless they’re super funny or have cats in them.

I will determine the subject matter. You will be given plenty of material to complete each assignment. Payment for each assignment will be issued through Paypal upon acceptance.

Contact me if you’re interested. I’m a good boss.