Adapting My Path

Wednesday, July 06 2005

It’s probably apparent that I’ve been doing some critical thinking about my interactions with others and it’s probably appropriate to share why this has been on my mind lately.

About a month ago Adaptive Path and I parted ways. We did so on good terms, of course, but it wasn’t easy nonetheless, I’m sure for either of us.

The story is a bit longer than I can quickly articulate, so assume a couple of things as I relate the experience to make things easier: as far as I know, the big secret Rails application is still on track, pun acknowledged. There’s no turmoil or rumours of project cancellation. There will still be a kick ass Ruby on Rails based product from Adaptive Path. Things didn’t get ugly. I have the utmost respect for the people I worked with. It was worth it.

The details of what happened are important, but I think I still want to hold on to them for while – I’m still learning from the experience and want more time to really think about what happened so I can talk with a bit of weight about the lessons learned.

The departure does mean two things – I’m a free agent starting in two months. I started work on a new Robot Coop project code named Waddles this morning, and will be drinking the Robot Juice for at least that long as I help Erik and the rest of the Robots build something fun.