Loving Textmate

Thursday, June 23 2005

I’ve been using Textmate as my editor of choice for a few months now, and today I figured out something that I’m very pleased with.

I use subversion now for version control, but I don’t like any of the GUI apps for OS X. The command line version of svn always does exactly what you need it to, and nothing more or less, which is great. Except I’m not a huge fan of command line stuff even if I am proficient in the command line.

In Textmate, if I’m editing a project that I’ve checked out from subversion, I can do the most commonly used svn commands right from within Textmate. If I have files that have uncommitted changes, I can go to Automation > Subversion > Commit and a dialog will open asking for me to note the changes I made in those files.

I also hooked up a key command do make it even quicker. Shift-Alt-B (basically picked at random) works, and now working with svn is super easy.