Flickr Fondness Increase

Saturday, May 28 2005

I’m finding myself checking flickr several times a day now to see what my friends are taking photos of. This particular behavior couldn’t have been predicted when I first started using flickr. I sort of didn’t get what the hype as all about, and probably didn’t catch on to the social aspect of it due in part for not having any contacts added to my profile, but more in part because I had no contacts to add in the first place (I’ve since fixed that, thank you).

And I also find myself wanting to share my photographs on flickr much more now. At this exact moment, I have photos of the last few nights of dinner with friends and travels and such, and I’m experiencing physical discomfort over not being able to email them from my mobile phone, the Internet connection being down on it.

I can only imagine that my experience is typical of others as well – I’m rarely on the cutting edge when it comes to these things, but usually just ahead of the mainstream curve. If I’m accurate in describing myself like this, flickr will very shortly grow to enormous, near Google-size proportions in terms of popularity.