What I'm Smelling

Wednesday, May 18 2005

No one is passing me the musical baton because they know all I listen to are Ace of Base and an MP3 of random Ralph Wiggum sayings from the Simpsons.

Because I feel left out, I’m starting a new meme.

What are you smelling?
Total volume of smell
I’m thinking six roomfuls. Maybe seven, and sometimes my car. Sometimes outdoors, on airplanes, and creeping out of sewer covers.

Last Smell I Bought
Let’s see. It wasn’t designed to specifically smell, but it might soon. It’s an automatic fish feeder. I put some fish food in and it dispenses food pellets at programmed intervals. The last thing I bought that was designed specifically to smell were some flowers for Carrie that Leah picked out.

Smell Smelling Right Now
Mexican rice from my lunch combined with the smells of the lawn in front of my house which is getting rained on and basking in the sun at the exact same time. (It’s an Oregon thing). Also some hints of the asphalt road, and maybe a hint of flowers somewhere.

Five Smells I Smell a Lot that Mean a Lot to Me
1. Just wet diapers.
2. Wet diapers + The Seriousness.
3. Wet + The Seriousness + lost in laundry room.
4. Brownies.
5. My Family. Jonas usually smells like food. Carrie and Leah are sweet!

Three People Whom I’m Passing the Baton
Al Patridge – because I know his world is full of smells.
Andre Torrez – I’m really just super curious what Andre is smelling right now.
Cameron Marlow – Because he should be feeling guilty for not posting anything in a long time. And surely, MIT smells interesting.