Motorola A360

Monday, May 02 2005

I got the Motorola A360 today and so far I’m nonplussed. I want the phone to be able to replace my Sidekick, but also add Bluetooth and a better camera into the mix. The Bluetooth is so I can use the GPRS connection of the phone, and the camera is so that when I travel and want to take quick pics I don’t need to carry the digital SLR.

Couple of big problems already:

1. Won’t sync with my Mac over Bluetooth. Strike one for Bluetooth.
2. The user interface absolutely sucks. I’m not sure I’ve seen worse. Ever. I’ve had dozens of phones.
3. Compared to the Sidekick the QWERTY keyboard is much more difficult to use and doesn’t seem as responsive.
4. I haven’t been able to use the GPRS connection of the phone over Bluetooth with my computer. Strike two.
5. Setting up an email account is the pits. You put in your email address and it tries to be clever and figure out what your mail server settings are. It doesn’t work. Eventually you get an email to the account you tried to setup saying “Yeah, that didn’t work, double check your information and try again”, despite the fact that you can’t hand enter any information other than the email address and password.

The good things:
1. Camera is easy to use. Seems to work good for a 640×480 camera phone.
2. The phone is pretty small. But not too small.
3. Being able to dial and do pretty much any voice related activity with the phone closed is cool.

At this point, unless I can get the Bluetooth syncing to work and figure out how to use the GPRS connection, the phone is going back. So far it looks as if I’m going to have to figure out how to uncripple it’s weaknesses by myself, as the phone is so new people have figured out how to make it stop sucking.