Dashboard Strangeness

Saturday, April 30 2005

Surely I’m not the first to see this, but every so often when I click on More Widgets from the Dashboard in Tiger, it tries to take me to a password protected URL ( rather than the correct URL ( This is pretty strange, because it’s literally hit or miss. You’d think that the URL was more “baked in”, and wouldn’t change from click to click. I haven’t ruled out that it could be sending me to a single URL that is redirecting me to the two different locations.

Another sort of funny thing – when Dashboard first loaded after I transferred all my settings from my iBook, it plugged in the city of Portland into all the location sensitive widgets. Problem is, it assumed Portland Maine, not Portland Oregon. I saw that today’s forecast called for rain and highs in the mid 40’s, and was relieved to realize it was looking up weather for the wrong coast.