My Batteries Are Fully Charged

Thursday, April 14 2005

Robots have it easy. Seriously. When they want to make an announcement they don’t need to think, they just say “MY BATTERIES ARE FULLY CHARGED” or “ACTUATOR 8A4B FUNCTIONING PROPERLY” and proceed with whatever they need to do, like welding automobile door frames, emotionless. Me, I rewrite sentences over and over until they sound right so I can state facts but also associate my current emotions with those facts. Screw that, I embrace my inner robot.

I’m working on a super secret special project with Adaptive Path.

There. Pleasant and efficient robot inspired communication. Fully lacking in emotion and any tasty hints as to what the project is. You don’t know if it involves robots and laser beams or ponies and birthday parties, or all of those things wrapped into a gift basket with a wedge of British Cheddar. And for now, I’m fine with that, because like I said, super secret.

Despite the secrecy, I can say I’m super excited and can’t wait to say what the project really is. I will leave this one particular hint though: we think Ruby on Rails is pretty hot.