I Want an Apple Mobile Phone

Wednesday, April 06 2005

I’ve just recently started using Apple’s Address Book, Mail, and iCal program fully. I’ve avoided them until now because I’ve been trained on Microsoft products, and rarely do apps bundled with the Windows install impress. In lieu of disappointment, I’ve used my own solutions.

I have to say, I’m really impressed with all three apps. The programs are light and simple, but collectively, I feel tightly organized. One thing that I really like about Mail is that it will show a picture of the sender if I have that person in my Address Book with a photo of that person. I read my email differently now that I see the faces of those who sent the email. Surely there’s some biological reason for this that I won’t get hung up on – nevertheless, I really enjoy that. But I have to know the person who’s face I’m looking at. Spammers won’t gain any advantage by sending me a photo of themselves in their spam. Deep within (or is on the outer layer?) of my brain, if I’ve heard your voice and seen how you speak, and then see your face, I can recall all the important behavioral bits about you, and it’s nearly as if you’ve popped into my office to chat instead of email me.

On that note, I really wish Apple would make a mobile phone. Not collaborate with Motorola or anything like that, but really, truly make a mobile phone. Don’t let it play music or anything like that. Just make it small and put good software on it, but most importantly, let me use it to take a photo of someone and with a single click say “This is Elvis Presley, the same Elvis Presley in my Address Book”.

Which makes me wonder – are there any mobile phones on the market that make this kind of thing quick and easy?