Miter Saw - Gateway Power Tool

Monday, March 28 2005

Last week we needed to get behind our TV which sits in a cubby above our fireplace. It took six healthy adults to put the TV there, and it wasn’t easy at that. The cubby is 51 inches above the ground (about chest high for me) and the TV weighed as much as two American elephants (home of the world’s heaviest).

The best way to get behind the TV would be slide it straight out onto a stand the same height as the mantle it sat on, do my business of fiddling with wires in the open space, then slide it back. Plans were drawn, miter saw was purchased, stand was built with perfect accuracy thanks to laser beams.

So this is when I started thinking. The miter saw proved to myself, and most importantly, Carrie, that I could make wooden structures with great accuracy. This could mean only one thing. Halfpipe.

Finally, after years of talking about it, I’m going to build myself a halfpipe. It’s going to be super micro sized because I want it to fit in my garage, but it will still be a halfpipe. It’s not going to sit outdoors because a) it’s always raining and b) if it’s not raining, I have the world’s best skateparks only minutes away. It being micro sized (only about 3 feet tall) will not be an issue when it’s pouring rain outside. On a technical level, the height doesn’t really matter. If you can do things on a 3 foot micro pipe you can do them on a 6 foot pipe (getting the courage to do it on a 6 foot is another issue entirely).

So I’ll be documenting the process through photos, videos, and blog entries. I figure it will take me several evenings of cutting and assembly.