No SXSW Report

Friday, March 18 2005

Aside from the random photos I’ll post, I’m not going to give much of a SXSW ‘05 report. It was all too much of a blur, and frankly, I’m sad it’s over despite the granting of my intense desire to see my wife and kids felt on the flight home. Already I’m forgetting the countless ideas and mountains of optimism expressed by nearly everyone I met. Decompressing from such a manic froth of creativity is sort of depressing.

Despite the deflation, I’m already looking forward to next year. I’m encouraging most everyone I know to attend so they too can take part in the idea+optimism hurricane. I’m cleaning my slate, narrowing down my projects, and freeing myself up to really make something of what I think is the return of the Good Times, Slightly Tempered. 2005 is starting to look pretty good.