Tuesday, March 08 2005

Last night I remember forcing myself awake to tell Carrie something that I thought was fascinating. Still in a sloshy sort of sleep, I said “Carrie, I wonder why the kids are so calm right now. Listen.”

I fell back asleep before getting her reaction. Later, while asleep, I considered forcing myself awake to tell her to marvel at the prickliness of the stubble of my beard. It was in its “most prickly” stage where the whiskers are grown out enough to feel, but too short to bend under pressure. It was as interesting to me, there in my sleep, as a gang of spider monkeys building a Volkswagen bus might be. It was something that simple had to be shared.

It reminds me that I’ve been wanting to play pranks lately (which likely means I need to get out of the house more often), but one of those pranks which I’ll ruin by talking about now is to pretend to make a “pop” sound in my sleep. I’m not sure if I could pull it off without laughing, but at 2:00AM I’ve been tempted to say POP about as loud as I can without yelling just to see what happens. I know full well that if I did it, I’d pay for it somehow.