Kottke Goes Pro

Tuesday, February 22 2005

Jason Kottke has decided to take the plunge and make his weblog his profession. And he’s looking to support himself entirely on donations from his readers and not put a single ad up.

Having read Jason’s site for over six years now there was little question in my mind that I’d be contributing. I think I’ve probably looked at his site nearly every day in those six years and am rarely disappointed. Jason’s site was also the first weblog I’d recognized as a weblog and helped me direct the format of my own site over time. There’s no question that Jason has influenced blogging in a positive way and has asked for very little in return.

I can also empathize with Jason. I know what it’s like to ask your site visitors to help support something and that in itself isn’t easy. Combine that with the prospect of knowing you need real money to keep something alive, and the pressure is on. Grovel or give up. I have a feeling Jason won’t need to do as much grovelling as I did.