Thrift Store Artwork Improvements.

Thursday, February 03 2005

A group of artists is picking up thrift store artwork and improving it. I almost put improving in double quotes to suggest that “improving” is in the eye of the beholder, but changed my mind because the original artwork is genuinely horrible.

I love the idea. I think it’s fantastic. I almost want to quit work and go pick up some so I can join in the fun.

When I start an illustration, the surface I’m painting on is often more important to me than the painting itself – or at the very least, it accounts for about 50% of the piece as a whole. Some of the old weathered pieces of crap artwork you’d find in a thrift store simply can’t be reproduced and would make great bases to start on, even if just for a beat up cheap frame.

Carrie and I are going to be doing illustrations tonight for Illustration Friday so I think one of us will need to make a quick trip to Goodwill for some base media.