iPhoto 5 and Photon: Part Two

Monday, January 31 2005

I have iPhoto, Photon, and MT pretty much in perfect tune now.

For iPhoto, I downloaded iPhoto Library Manager so I could move all of my photos to a much faster external drive. The speed difference is quite easily noticeable. I’m definitely on the cusp of adopting iPhoto for my photo organization as opposed to my own home-brew file naming system.

I also setup Photon to create entries using the excerpt field in MT as a caption. This isn’t ideal because if I go over a certain character length, the caption doesn’t get posted to MT. This is particularly painful, as I tend to write a lot.

I updated the photo blog portion of the site so that when a thumbnail on the left is clicked, it goes to a blog entry for that photo. I enjoy comments (ego stroking) on my photos, so this was much needed. I still have to clean up the archive view of the photoblog (I’ll probably throw together a bunch of thumbnails), but overall, I’m happy with the progress.