Stampeding Baby

Tuesday, January 25 2005

Yesterday morning Jonas, after weeks of trying to rush full speed off the top of the stairs, managed to actually do it before Carrie could get to him quick enough. As Jonas began tumbling head over heels down the stairs, Carrie literally threw herself down the stairs after him. She managed to get in front of him right before the wooden landing. Everyone is fine (Jonas almost seemed excited about the whole thing after he calmed down). Carrie is bruised and sore, but nothing is broken.

I often wonder to myself if when it truly matters, will I be able to react to a situation as clearly and decisively as Carried did. Will I be able to cast aside any excuses to not act and simply act, possibly sacrificing myself in the process? I’d like to think so. I now know Carrie will.

So yesterday morning she went and bought a gate for the stairs. Normally opposed to drilling holes in our nearly pristine walls, I drilled the hell out of the walls to mount a gate worthy of stopping a stampeding buffalo, let alone a stampeding baby.