Photo Albums

Tuesday, January 25 2005

After playing with Flickr a little more I have to admit that I like it more than when I first played with it, but it’s still not what I ultimately settle on to manage my photographs and their online presentation (which is all I’m currently looking for).

If I remove the thriving community aspect from the idea of Flickr (and the community is indeed thriving, and growing), I’m left with:

  • The ability to upload photos directly from iPhoto to Flickr or from my OS (nice)
  • I can place captions on the photos
  • I can allow others to comment
  • I can place notes directly on the photograph (I’m most impressed with this, and will likely not rule out Flickr entirely because of this)
  • The ability to post photograph back to my weblog

It seems as if the only thing I can’t do, and want to do is modify the default look and feel of Flickr (I mentioned this on my last review, and as far as I know the most I can do to get around this is to post Flickr photos back to my blog, using it’s templates) – not exactly what I had in mind.

If only Flickr had a templating system.

In the meantime, I’m really interested in Doug Bowman’s writeup on his great looking photo albums run by Moveable Type. I too run my photos running in the sidebar using Moveable Type, but haven’t gone beyond making just a sideblog. I’d love to apply some nice templates to it, open up comments, and have it integrate with iPhoto.

I’m also excited about the next version of iPhoto which should handle RAW image files with ease. Combine iPhoto with MT and I have everything I could need or want for photo management (as long as I don’t need to rescue my images with Photoshop). All my photos would sync with my iPod photo, my blog, and my personal computer, all originating from a single app.