Moveable Type Spawned Comment Spam

Monday, January 24 2005

If I sat down to write a comment spam bot, you’d better believe I’d be gunning for Moveable Type first. It has huge widespread adoption, and only up until the most recent releases, allowed anyone, including my simple bot, to post comments to blog entries. Because of the correlation with highly popular weblogs with very ripe page ranks and the use of MT, I’d be even more motivated to figure out a way to get my links on MT blogs.

I’ll even make the argument that because of the rapid and widespread adoption of MT by prominent bloggers that comment spamming as a practice came about and became rewarding.

That said, I think I have a solution for comment spam (I’ll receive 150+ before this sentence is finished) that has worked for me in the recent past:

Allow me to name the form fields and form actions responsible for posting comments in MT. Make it possible for me to make my MT installation to look like some random home brewed application and I’ll bet that I’ll stop getting comment spam instantly.

I say this with some confidence because up until very recently, I was running on a home brewed blogging application, and for almost five years only got comments from real human beings (far more than I do today, I might add) and never once from a bot.