New Apple Goodies

Tuesday, January 11 2005

I’m pretty excited about the new Apple goodies announced this morning.

The new Mini Mac is great – from a business perspective I think it’s a piece that Apple has been missing from the very beginning – a Mac that competes on every level with a PC. Take the price and performance alone, and this competes with any PC on the market. But check out the size on this thing – it’s super tiny. With a footprint just slightly bigger than a CD and only two inches tall, it’s very small.

In the space my G5 takes up, I think I could fit at least 8 Mini Macs. And make no mistake – someone will be detailing a cluster of Mac Minis shortly.

I think the new super tiny iPod Shuffle is a good move as well – super cheap, super tiny, and it doesn’t try to replace the full size iPods.

One thing that doesn’t make sense though is why did they reveal these products after Christmas? Especially the new iPod. Erik and I were talking about it, and he said a bunch of family members got flash based players for Christmas, and someone in my family got a G4 iBook (when the Mac Mini would have done just fine). Both of these products are perfectly priced as gifts – why’d they wait?