Past Resolutions

Monday, January 03 2005

OK, so new year resolutions are pretty stupid, I admit, but they give me something to write about and ponder for at least a few weeks, so here goes. Resolutions from last year that I actually made some progress on:

1. Cut my hair before it puts strain on my neck
I totally dominated this one. I even gave myself a haircut, and being totally horrified by the results, buzzed the remaining hair off with a machine. An actual machine!

2. Give the milk a sniff before consumption
Conquered! But not by my own doing. Having a toddler in the house means that milk is always fresh, as it’s consumed so fast it never could go rancid unless we were victims of some huge dairy bottling incident. Not a single rancid milk event for the year of 2004. That was awesome.

3. Finish what I start
Definitely better this year. Projects like (which is totally broken right now) were thought of a finished rapidly. Towards the last half of the year though things got busy and projects got bigger. I tried building a file server from spare parts yesterday, and would have finished it except that the CPU burnt up – the fan wasn’t working. I’ll have to scrounge some other spare parts to finish it.

4. Resume my editorial illustration career
I did a lot more illustration this year, though digitally. I don’t have time like I used to to get all my paints setup, gather my brushes, prep surfaces and stuff. Whipping up something in Adobe Illustrator is so much quicker and easier. I do miss the real thing though.

5. Make serious progress on the big fancy secret project
I never remember what this was. Maybe I made progress, maybe not.

6. Fall down less
I fell down less. Strange thing – I stopped wearing safety gear entirely except for the helmet. At first it was just because the pads smelled so bad I couldn’t bear to get near them, but then I started noticing that I actually fell down less. I was being more careful and spending more energy thinking about how not to fall, and my skateboarding improved. Funny how that works.

7. Become 100% debt free.
No comment.

I basically made no progress on all other resolutions from last year, so no point in rehashing them. Most will die. I’m not making any for this year. I have too much to do as it is, and can’t be burdened with new resolutions.