I'm Eating for Two!

Sunday, November 28 2004

For the past week or two my stomach muscles have been twitching.

Or maybe they haven’t, and my worst fear of all time has come true – I have a parasitic worm in my gut and the twitches I feel are actually worm movements, as he/she/it changes positions to get more comfortable.

Seriously, how would I know if I had a tapeworm or something? Does anyone truly know the symptoms? I’ve been eating a lot more lately, but it was Thanksgiving, so it’s hard to say if my consumption is above normal. I’m pretty tired a lot too, but it is Fall/Winter* and I think that’s normal for me.

  • I have no idea when seasons actually start or stop. I grew up in Southern California where we had four seasons – Fires, Floods, Earthquakes, or Lack of Fires, Floods and Earthquakes. All I know is that right now, outside, it’s pretty cold and nasty and stuff is frosty most mornings.