Wednesday, October 06 2004

I whipped up a ColdFusion custom tag to quickly convert campaign data into something easier to work with in ColdFusion called cf_dropcash.

Also built into the tag is a way to generate a badge identical to the current official badge. This is more or less just an example of what to do with the data once it’s in ColdFusion.

On another note, I’d love to talk to someone who wants to help me expand upon this idea and build cool Flash enabled badges using Flash remoting.

Eventually I’ll make a CFC that could be used to drive a Flash app, and would host it on my server so that the happy little Flash badges could access it remotely.

To install the custom tag, just download it and check out the header of the custom tag. To use the tag, just call it from within your CFML template like so:

&lt;cf_dropcash campaign="michaelbuffington/cf_dropcash" /&gt;

If you like it, and use it, toss a buck or two into the campaign.