Some Things

Wednesday, September 15 2004

I’ve been neglecting the site because I’ve been so busy in other areas. With a big code rollout at work, a conference to prepare for, and a big plumbing project, I’ve had little time to devote towards writing things.

In brief, here’s what’s going on:

Carrie and I are currently hooked on The Amazing Race 5. Utterly hooked. In that same vein, excitement for Survivor is building.

I complained to UPS about how fast their drivers go down my street. I saw one go by doing about fifty just now, and kids play on our street. Not cool. The person who answered my complaint asked that I get both the license plate number and the truck number, both located on separate parts of the truck. I could only laugh, and said something like “You’re kidding. They’re doing 50mph around a blind corner, and you want me to gather at least 10 alphanumeric characters off as it flashes by.” The person (I say person because a.) I don’t know what you call people who answer complains and b.) I couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman. Rocky is a fairly ambiguous name, and even more so when the voice could be male or female). I’m worried that I’ll get broken stuff from UPS from now on though. The price I pay for neighborhood safety.