Sunday, September 05 2004

Joy is unmistakable when you’re drowning in it.

This morning I turned on The Shins, which is a band that has been getting the talk for a long time now, but is one that I’ve only just recently discovered.

As the strums of the rhythm guitar started the first song off, Leah came running into the room where I had it playing, planted her feet hard to stop herself from her newest mode of high velocity travel, and proclaimed that we must, as she put it, “DANCE!”

And so we danced. She combined alternating foot stomping with an orbit while doing the wave with her arms. I emulated, though my orbit was in the opposite direction.

Over the course of four songs, I was simply overwhelmed with joy. I knew that that was good, but that through our lives together it would happen again, and again, and again. I savor the idea.