Fromage, and the Many Varieties and Origins

Tuesday, August 31 2004

As you get on in life one of the things you realize is that you have no idea how it’s possible to come up with so many different varieties of cheese.

And then you start thinking about how good cheese is, but how wretched it would be if you’d never had it, and someone said “hey, this sort of fungus slash milk solid stuff is tasty, you should place it in your mouth and savor it.”

Astounding also is the idea that someone figured out how to make cheese in the first place. A little man in France with a bucket of freshly squeezed goats’ milk climbed into a cave and did something with the milk that most people would consider incorrect (such as letting it rot or doing whatever it is to make it become cheese) [notice my lack of cheese production knowledge shining forth like a full moon out a car window].

In addition to everything else that’s puzzling about cheese, consider that it is one of the few things we eat that melts when heated. The only other things I can think of are sugary things, like caramel, chocolate, and things with very clear and defined origins. Melting milk based fungus solids on my Mexican food just sounds so wrong, but the mouth says it’s so right.