Hot Showers Ensue

Monday, August 30 2004

I managed to get some plumbers to grovel under my house today. They fixed the problem we’ve been having in less than two hours, and charged a flat rate of $250.

Earlier today, I was told by the plumber who was supposed to originally come out that he couldn’t come for another two weeks. I heard the same story from pretty much every other plumber I called. All the rejection basically boiled over, and I resolved myself to fix the problem on my own.

After about ten minutes of staring at the lattice work of CPVC under my house, I realized that while I might have been able to pull it off with the right tools and some patience, it would have likely taken me eight hours or more, and I’d be scared to death that it would leak again.

In desperation, I called a national plumbing service, and within an hour they had two plumbers at my door who gave me a set flat rate price quote of $280. Within two hours they’d pulled out the leaky pipe, and were testing the system. They wrote up an invoice for $250 because, in the end, it was a little less difficult than they thought it would be.

I’m pleased with the $250, even though at around $125/hr, they got there quickly, were professional, looked at some other problems I was having and gave me advice for other projects, cleaned up after they left, and most importantly, fixed the problem.

Stress level down from Ultra-Mega to Above Average now.