Errand With Toddler

Thursday, August 26 2004

During lunch today I took my daughter along to run some errands, and here are some highlights:

While driving through farm land to the bank I rolled down her window so she could see some horses. As the window was rolling down, she placed her hand on the edge and said “See! I push it down! Look, horses. Sheep! Wind in kitty’s hair!” as she hung her toy cat out the window.

When depositing a check at the ATM, I could hear her in the truck saying “There it goes. Put it in.” as the deposit envelope was swallowed up.

Then it was time to hit Fry’s. I figured out that I’ve been totally missing out on the good audio on my home entertainment system because I’m not user a fiber optic audio cable. In the process of looking for that we played with a Robosapien robot, which Leah was cautious about. When she first saw it, she ran up to it and said “Robot! See! Daddy, uhhummuhh* play with robot?”. She tested each Leap Frog toy, and determined that the one she currently owns, Baby Tad, was the best.

We then went to Costco for milk and laundry detergent. She nearly insisted I buy a Futurama DVD, which I nearly agreed with, but luckily the 2005 Curious George Calendar intervened. We sat and ate pizza, and she flirted with someone from Xerox sitting next to us.

On the way home we listened to one of her CDs. I ended up putting it on repeat so she could hear her favorite song over and over.

  • This is her “fill the gap” sound. This is how she makes her speech sound more mature, by filling it in with a bunch of nonsense between the key, and most important words.