Dreamweaver Bug?

Monday, August 23 2004

Here I am, happily writing code when I’m struck with one of the crazier bugs I’ve see in a program. I can reproduce it every time, and if you have Dreamweaver MX, I’d be curious to see if you can also reproduce it.

So, to make it happen – create a new file, type a bunch of garbage for a few lines, and then type the word InstanceEndEditable and notice that not only can you not type a single thing after that word, but you can’t get rid of the word itself. Also, you can modify the file all you want up until that word, but after that word is in your file, consider yourself an ant trying to push over a tree.

So curiosity got the better of my productivity and so I did some poking around. From what I can tell (without reading any docs) is that this keyword, along with a group of others, is used when creating Dreamweaver MX Templates. Unfortunately non-Dreamweaver MX templates seem to obey the keywords as well.

Why do I need to use the keyword in first place? I’m parsing the HTML source of a website that generates random word lists for, and was using that keyword from within their source to say “generally speaking, the word list ends here.” Guess I’ll have to pick something else from their source.