Conversion Complete

Thursday, August 19 2004

I’ve been holding off on writing an new entries because I’ve been slowly, as time permitted, building up the new site in Movable Type.

Right off the bat, I’m feeling some pain. Old URLs aren’t perfectly mapped. I’ve written a rudimentary “smart” error system that can sends users from old URLs to new URLs, but in order to make it really work I need to put about 1200 URLs into a database, and figure out a way to perfectly map the old to the new without having to do each one by hand.

But I think I’ll enjoy using MT. The new site is actually four weblogs squeezed into one. The photos on the left are driven by their own blog so that all I have to do to post a photo is create a new entry. The “Found Links” and “Recommended” on the right are done the same way. The main site, of course, is it’s own blog.

I like this setup because one of the things that’s slowed me down the most in posting content to my site is getting the data there quickly and easily. I hadn’t developed very good tools for my home-brewed system and I think that was really slowing me down. There are tons of ways to get data into MT, most of those ways are very speedy.

So, over the next few days I’m sure I’m be making some bug fixes, and linking up orphaned stuff from the old site. Bear with me as it all comes back together.