I Loathe Skizzo Ads

Wednesday, June 30 2004

I once decided that I wanted to major in advertising. I was going to do clever things, and win Cleo’s and all of that. I gave up on that though because in the end, it wasn’t all that interesting. I tell you this only to sort of set the stage for my next big life question:

Who decided that recording say, five people, all saying the same bit of copy, and then splitting up their audio or even video, then splicing it all together so that they can switch between all the people saying the same bit of copy was a good idea? I really hate that. Sometimes they’ll only use maybe three people, and split it up enough so that you see the same person a few times. Is this supposed to conjur up warm fuzzies, because we see a familiar face or hear a familiar voice? You know I think? I think the next person who makes an ad like that is the next person who I’m going to avoid giving money to. That and the Ball Park Franks people, with their “girthy” hot dogs.