: Take Two

Wednesday, June 09 2004

Nearly 6 years ago I hinted at an idea for a project that I’d come up with in an oh most exuburant way (I have a hard time stomaching my old writing and sometimes even my naive enthusiasm).

That idea ended up becoming, and behind the great idea a team of great people formed, and we did a lot of really cool (and sometimes difficult) things. The project was my life, and I poured a ton of myself into it.

Now, nearly four years since leaving, after having been out on my own doing consulting and writing a book, I’ve gone back to I’m excited that I’ll be able to once again feel a great deal of personal pride for a successful project, and hopefully rebuild once strong relationships.

In the next several months I’ll be soliciting feedback from people I respect, and taking my original ideas and the ideas of people like Erik and rolling it into a new reincarnation of the site.

I’m already grateful to Anil for filling my head with all sorts of good ideas, and to Andre for giving me PERL coding tips and helping keep the ideas flowing, and to Matt for at least nodding his head in approval for all the ideas I send him.