Apparently I'm a Nazi

Wednesday, June 02 2004

I suppose with any large community there’s ample room to piss someone off. A while back I removed a photo from because I thought it broke one of my rules. Rule number 6 says “No obviously Photoshopped images.” The image I removed looked Photoshopped, mainly because the writing looked like Comic Sans or something like that. In any case, it was too uniform for a human hand in my opinion.

Someone who wanted to remain anonymous dropped me a note pointing to the site of the owner of the original photograph that I removed. On his site, he does a lot of ranting about how I’m a censoring Nazi and a lot of stuff that’s pretty harsh in my opinion.

If I look past the attacks, the general idea I get is that he thinks the motivating factor for removing the photo is because he poked fun at people who post multiple times (despite Rule #7, which says “You may submit as many photos as you like.”). He’s wrong.

The thing that really bugs me, is that in addition to the fact that this person doesn’t know me well enough to call me a Nazi, or “bleeding-heart”, or whatever, is that he never even tried to contact me about it. I could saved him a lot of anger and frustration had he just dropped me a line saying “what’s up with that?” and we could have talked it through.