Heart Ache

Monday, May 10 2004

I’m terribly sad. Literally, my heart hurts, and I’m sitting in my cube at work moved to the point of tears. On top of catching glimpses of photographs of abuse and hearing about the constant death toll, I’m now seeing reports about a video released by al Qeada showing the decapitation of a 26 year old American contractor.

Part of me wishes there was no such thing as today’s media and technology infrastructure where videos of atrocities can spread across the world in a matter of hours, but part of me appreciates that because of it, it might move people like me to do everything they can to avoid war.

I’m tired of the argument about how much good we’re doing for the Iraqi people – that kind of “good” can be accomplished without war. People don’t need to be decapitated so that Iraqi children can go to elementary school.