I Seek the Ergo

Tuesday, May 04 2004

I’m in the market for an ergonomic chair, but I’m having trouble deciding what to get. I used to work in an Aeron chair, which was pretty nice, but I found myself getting jabbed by the seat’s framework a lot if I sat in totally unconventional ways.

I spent a few minutes sitting in both the Humanscale Freedom Chair as well as the Herman Miller Mirra. The freedom chair felt pretty good, though the headrest seemed a bit agressive when leaning back. The Mirra didn’t have enough forward lean for me, but felt better than the Aeron.

I just found out about the Microsphere MT which totally shakes things up for me. The idea of wrapping my displays around the chair is a different concept, one that I’m fully open to.

Basically, I need to be able to sit at a computer and write code, communicate by phone or video conferencing, and maintain my general consumption of online news and the blogosphere without feeling achy. I’m leaning towards the Freedom Chair, but wanted to broaden my options. Any ideas?