Oh Glorious Nature

Friday, April 23 2004

As a pulled out of the garage this morning after carting the most garbage to the street for pickup ever, I saw a huge flock of geese making their way north in a sort of boomerang shape. I’ve always liked seeing the geese migrate one way or another in their haphazard way, constantly flapping their wings and honking incessantly. At night you can hear them coming from miles away, and without even having to see the flock you can determine where they are in the air by their racket.

As I began making my way northwest to work, I realized that this same flock of geese was headed in the same general direction as I was. While they could fly truly northwest, I was stuck to the roads, and followed my normal commute which is basically a bunch of farm roads that go west and north. I opened the sunroof despite the chilly morning so I could hear the glorious sounds of geese doing their glorious natural thing—migrating north for the summer.

The geese migrated with me as I commuted for my entire commute, going diagonal at a leisurely pace while I frantically tried to keep up in my zig zagging way. They changed positions in the sky relative to my position a few times, but for the majority of the drive I could see them from my sunroof or windows. Oh glorious nature.

Right as I was about to pull into work and bid farewell to the geese a bird of another fashion interrupted the oh so glorious moment of nature and sent geese swirling and flailing in its contrails, and probably dicing a few into bite sized cubes of geese. A Learjet literally flew right through the flock as it landed at the Hillsboro municipal airport adjacent to the tech neighborhood I work in. Despite the disruption, the geese reformed their wobbly boomerang shape and continued on.