Exploding Caaah

Tuesday, April 13 2004

I liked Andrew’s opening to a blog entry that said in effect “if I were blogging every day, it would be about the following” and so I’m doing the same thing.

For almost a month everything tasted like bananas. It started with a cold I got right after going to SXSW, and for over three weeks almost everything I ate had the distinct taste of bananas despite my distinct dislike for the taste of bananas. Oddly, no medical documentation exists.

I can’t get Tracy Chapman out of my head. I had some kind of vague dream where I was thinking about the recent sort of subtle boasting I’ve been doing about my new car, and she was in it singing “I drive a fast car”, and now that riff is stuck on repeat in my head. It’s punishment for subtle boasting. I really do want to boast about my car, but I know that’s so trashy, so I try to sneak it out. It’s like when you have a new haircut that actually looks good. You want to look int he mirror, but you know how vain that is, so you just “happen” upon reflections of yourself.

I’ve been using an old Palm IIIx lately, and I’m enjoying it. I have a wide and varied schedule at work and being able to carry that schedule around with me is very satisfying. And while it’s no elegant looking machine with WiFi or Bluetooth, it does the job, and is over five years old. But I’ll be honest here – it’s piqued my interest in owning and using a cutting edge PDA. Must resist. Must remember that, despite my current usage of the Palm IIIx, I will likely burn out on it at the end of one more week.

Whale Rider – looks like a hoaky Disney movie on the cover when it’s actually a good movie. Very impressed.

I’ve had two incidents in the past few weeks where other Subaru WRX drivers have made a point to chat with me. I was getting a sandwich at Quizno’s a few weeks ago, and an Australian guy about my age came up to me and said “Nice choice in cars” (of course, cars sounded more like “caaaaahs” to my American ears). Turns out the WRX I parked next to was his, which was parked next to a Subaru WRX STi (the insanely overpowered version of my car). Driving home last night, a guy in a WRX wagon rolled down his window next to me at a stop light and discussed how he wished he’d waited for the 2004 models without the bug eye lights. The only time this has ever happened to me in the past is when I owned a Datsun 510, where almost weekly someone would comment on how much they loved Datsun 510s. Mine exploded. [Dang, I was going to link to Mike Cina’s Datsun 510, but I can’t find it anywhere. He was the only person on the Internet who ever said “Hey man, I have a Datsun 510 too!”]