The Twins

Monday, January 19 2004

I finished my contract with Xerox on Friday, which means that I’ll be working a lot more from my home office. I’m pretty excited, because at Xerox I had limited time (and room) to make my work area optimal, and now that I’m the boss of me, I can do whatever I want.

I now have two 19" Flatscreen CRTs on my desktop, with sexy silver trim, running off a video card with a very impressive sounding title of GeForce FX 5200 with dual display support and 128MB DDR with some insane sounding clock speed of 2,320 miles per hour, with included hovercraft pants and rocket propelled impeller. Or something like that.

The twins, as they will now be called (joining, not usurping, the title of any other pair that deserves to be called “the twins”) have a button on them that says “UltraBrite Mode”. When you press this button, say adios to your eyebrows, because it’s so bright they will run and hide behind your ears.

And the resolutions I can display, holy cow. If I had a magnifying glass, I could see the words on the combined resolution of 3200×1200, but instead, I prefer the absolutely flicker freeness of 2560×1024.

To top off the productivity charts, I purchased a headset for my cordless phone. The headset makes such an incredible difference. I can make code changes and continue being productive while on the phone now, when I used to have to either malform my neck, or bust out the one handed speed typing, which, while impressive, doesn’t match the speed of two handed typing.

You can just call me Home Office SuperMan from now on, thank you.