Put Me in a Coma

Thursday, January 08 2004

After this week’s dump of snow and then ice, I’m ready to have someone come knock me out until June. The snow was fun for about two days, but now my feet are constantly wet as I have to walk through piles of wet slush, and I have yet to travel over 30 mph. My body can’t handle it. The infinitely small atoms in my body require higher velocity; they’re getting restless. I need to see some foilage that isn’t pure white or encased in ice.
On a loosley related note, by June of this year, I’ll have been moaning about something on this site for at least 6 years. That’s a bit longer than the term “blog” has been around, and if I looked hard enough, I could probably find at least a year of entries prior to June 1998. For that, I think I deserve a “Lifetime Achievement” Nomination for this year’s Bloggies. You know what to do. (And yes, I have no shame).