High Polyester Content Socks

Sunday, December 28 2003

In our new house there is a window downstairs beside our front door that looks right out on to our porch. Anyone standing at our door step can see right into our house, and see into our living room.

This morning, as I was in my skivvies and feeling a bit exposed, I proceeded to run for cover, thinking someone was at the door. As I began to round the corner, out of site of the window, my socked feet betrayed me. Friction was no longer, and I was going down. If skateboarding has taught me anything, its taught me how to fall down, and in the nanosecond of time I had to comprehend the situation, I instructed my body to rotate so that I wouldn’t smash my head into hardwood.

Leah stood and watched as my heel buried itself into the short wall seperating our family room from our dining room. This is what happens when one buries their heel into the wall:

It turns out no one was at the door in the first place, and both Leah and Carrie thought it hilarious. Now I need to figure out how to fix the hole before the mouse decides it a cozy place.