Thursday, December 11 2003

I don’t care what you say about the ills of reality TV, I’m still enthralled with Survivor. And the pirate theme, man, that’s great. It is, in fact, the year of the pirate. I really do think it’s a great show, and I think anyone who moans and cries about how awful it is just doesn’t watch a whole season of it. And there’s nothing finer than sitting down to a Survivor episode and watching it commercial free with a little help from my friend, TiVo.
And if you (Chad at work) think Jon is the best Survivor ever, then line up so I poke your eyes out too. That man makes my bones twist. He pretended that his Grandmother died to gain sympathy, and to protect himself from getting voted off the island! And then he swears on her grave! And then insists that others swear on their children when making agreements with him! He revels in deceit, and really, I should be able to at the very least give his neck a squeeze and maybe punch him in the forehead. It’s violent, I know, but really, can’t I just please do that?
Anyhow, I’m really excited because Chad at work suggested that the next one is going to be an Allstar Survivor. I gotta see Big Tom up against Rupert.